Lessons Learned on the Links
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Your message was right on target.... the audience
loved it."

-A McPherson, Director
The Atlantic Group
You made the information come alive with the examples you used. You provided solutions to the same problems I deal with at work.

-L.Bryant, Manager CITGO
"18 Leadership Skills" is a dynamic, entertaining, yet content filled presentation that connects leadership stratagies with experiences on the golf course. You may be asking, "What does leadership and golf have in common?" There are clear connections between leadership and golf, and the connections are presented cleverly and memorably in this speech. Both are based on mastering basic fundamentals: making choices and dealing with the consequences of your decisions, learning and listening to others, controlling your emotions, and respecting others.

Golf is a game broken into short segments and “Lessons Learned on the Links” parallels with lessons that can be learned in a quick and easy manner to apply immediately to your business or personal life.

Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy this fresh and winning approach to improve their performance at work and in life.

Benefits to your audience:

  • Entertains and delights audiences, while providing valuable tips and insights
  • Motivates individuals to improve performance at work and in life
  • Inspires creativity and imagination
  • Builds confidence at work or play
  • Provides memorable examples for immediate implementation
Dr. Isabel Perry